<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/200106032848.jpg?t=1579352610"><br>This is a very remote property almost guaranteeing your privacy. The owner may carry! There are more than two way s in and out of here only one is legal access so please tour with a realtor. Nestled in between two small mountain ranges, with some open meadow area on the property yet a few trees this parcel has the best of both worlds. This parcel is more than ten miles of gravel/dirt road no matter which way you go to get there. One way, the legal way, is up Via De Oro all the way to the end and then West on Mesa. Eventually get to the property. Another way is to go under the freeway at the rock water tank (Anvil Rock/Fort Rock Rd) and then head due North for several miles to the property. Yet another is over the railroad tracks on RT 66 at the black water tanks (mm123) and wind back on ranch trails to the developer roads and eventually to the property this is for the very experienced explorer and would only be a route to take for the novelty of it the road is beyond horrid.<br>